Mion F.lli is a furniture factory located in Bassano del Grappa, in Vicenza district, an area of Italy known for its artistic furniture production. For more than 30 years Mion F.lli has produced classic and modern furniture.

Mion F.lli has always paid attention to the market requirements, although its furniture is still completely handmade. We take care of each production phase: from the cutting of the wood to the inlaying and from the assembling to the finishing. 

All the products used for the lacquering and the finishing are environmentally friendly, like for example water varnish,  beeswax and natural lac.

Mion F.lli’s aim is  to make high quality furniture on the basis of the traditional production process taking into consideration nowaday customer requirements 

Not only does  Mion Fratelli offer its customers furniture of great value, it also assures them high quality, made in Italy products.